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How Do You Tie Dye?

The art of the tie-dye. Tie is just as it sounds folding an article into a sample and create a shirt for free using string or rubber bands to hold it in place. Dye in easiest terms its making use of multiple colors to a fabric floor. This can be a shirt, pants, hat or some other fabric suitable to the adherence of the dyes. Combine these two together and you have tie-dye. This artwork kind is pretty cheap and the reward will be fairly breathtaking.

Fabrics create a shirt for free to use is a giant part of the tie-dye course of. Dyes won’t adhere to every sort of fabric. You need to begin with a woven fabric that is 70 to 80% Cellulose ( Cellulose is the structural component of the first cell wall of green plants) these can embody Cotton, Rayon, Linen and some folks have even used Hemp.

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This may sound odd considering you’re about to dye your garment but it’s a good suggestion to clean a new item first before you begin the tie-dye course of. This helps to shrink the objects and take away any oils that will interfere with the method.