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Potty Training can be a one of the not-so-fun experiences that face every parent with a toddler. With different potty training dolls on the market, how does Potty Elmo stack up?

Doll Description
The Potty Elmo doll is about 11” tall and is covered in red plush. It comes with a sippy cup and if you squeeze his hand he’ll ask for a drink. It is all pretend though, so you won’t be dealing with actual water, just sounds. Afterwards, the potty training doll will announce that he needs to use the potty. Once he is on the potty, he’ll sing a song. If he doesn’t make it to the potty, he’ll sing another song about accidents and trying again next time. This training doll also comes with potty training attire (a t-shirt and big kid undies) as well as his own potty chair.

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User-Friendly Rating
The Potty Elmo gets big points for recognizability. By the time you choose to potty train your toddler chances are he’ll recognize the furry red monster. This gives the Potty Elmo a sort of fun factor. He’s also soft and cuddly, which makes your kid more likely to want to play with it as opposed to a hard plastic potty training doll.

When it comes to potty training, there are, however, various flaws that stand out. One issue people have had is that it is hard to give Potty Elmo his drink. It is a bit awkward for a 2 year old to handle because you really have to push his sippy cup into his mouth to activate the gulping sound. This can be a point of frustration to your child and he may lose interest all together. Also the potty that comes with the Potty Elmo is quite small and, therefore, it is very hard to keep him balanced on it.

Despite this, children do love playing with the Potty Elmo because on some level, they do connect with the familiarity of Elmo.

Price and Availability Rating
Based on what it can do, this toy should be priced around $15-$20. If you are looking to purchase this toy, you should know that Fisher Price discontinued this potty training doll in 2008. However, parents are still looking for this doll. The only places you could still find them is on amazon or on eBay.

Since this toy is in high demand, I did see some of them being sold for $95! That’s a little much considering what it is, but now that it’s been discontinued some people consider the Potty Elmo a collector’s item. If you look hard enough, you could find one priced more in its proper range. I would recommend starting on eBay first.

Overall Success Rating
In order to give your child a more realistic concept of potty training, Potty Elmo doesn’t always do the same thing. For example, if you get him to the potty, he may sing his son and then when it’s over announce that he doesn’t need to go and hat he’ll try again later. This gets your child more used to going to the potty and being okay if nothing happens.

What can be confusing though is that if your child takes the potty training doll to his potty, but the sensor doesn’t realize it’s on the potty because of the poor balancing, it will still say it had an accident.

There are several parents who report success using the Potty Elmo. Overall, the Potty Elmo excels more as a toy than as an actual potty training doll. The Potty Elmo is lacking the most effective part of a training doll and that is that the child cannot connect to the doll in terms of their gender and appearance, which may explain why some children like taking the doll to potty, but not themselves. Of the wide variety of training dolls available, we found the Potty Elmo to be more in the entertainment area than actual potty training.

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