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Does A Brand On A Wine Glass Measure A standard Drink?

When bars and restaurants have a logo on their wine glasses and fill them up to that stage, is that to allow them to measure a standard drink?

Women's Sacred Geometry Watercolor No.9 Cotton Long Sleeve T-ShirtCertainly not in any authorized sense – and don’t be considering that it mens slim fit sport shirts is, or it’s possible you’ll find yourself saying sayonara to your driver’s licence next time you breathe into a bag.

Etched logos on wine glasses are about branding and helping the restaurant keep its pours consistent – bar and waiting workers are instructed to fill to a certain level, and having a mark on the glass helps.

They have nothing to do with the measurement of a standard drink. In Australia, a standard drink incorporates 10 grams of alcohol, which is usually equated to about 100 millilitres of table wine – possibly more or less, depending on whether or not the wine is a pretty little moscato with lowish alcohol or a big, in-your-face, alcoholic zinfandel – however those are extremes. Either manner, a hundred millilitres just isn’t a huge quantity of wine by most individuals’s standards. If you are poured this much at a bar, you is likely to be reminded of a story informed by the Greek author Athenaeus, in which a man was provided a tiny serve of wine and informed that it was sixteen years previous. The man is said to have eyed the wine and remarked: ”It is extremely small for its age.”

That was circa AD200. Our historic fellow drinker would, I trust, be happier with most restaurant wine pours in present-day Australia, that are usually extra like a hundred and twenty millilitres or one hundred fifty millilitres. That is nice if you are thirsty; less so in case you are unhealthy at fundamental arithmetic and hoping to drive home without an unhappy encounter along with your local constabulary.

A development I’m increasingly seeing at wine bars and on the higher end of the restaurant market is to supply totally different sizes of pour – tastings, half-glasses and full glasses – and to specify precisely what measure you will get in your cash. Some wine lists would possibly state that reds and whites are poured at one hundred fifty millilitres however dessert wines and sparklings are a hundred millilitres. When you’re contemplating busting some huge cash on a single glass of wine – for instance, French fizz at $25 – it is helpful to know beforehand if you are going to get a generous pour, or one that can depart you feeling less than celebratory. Advance data of the dimensions of a restaurant’s pours can also be handy when you are in two minds about taking the plunge and buying a complete bottle.

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