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DIY Mock Tie-Dye

Men's  Custom And I love you too Piggy Short Sleeve Tee ShirtIn the spirit of this month’s theme, I believed it’d be fun to show you the way to do some imitation tie-dye using provides you’ll most likely be capable of finding across the home. It may sound a bit bizarre to tie-dye without the actual dye, but it surely does work and you’ll be pleasantly shocked with the top outcomes!

• Rubbing alcohol t shirt shop gulf freeway (70% alcohol or greater).
• A medication dropper.
• Something to dye (like an old T-shirt). Whatever you determine to make use of have to be 100% cotton or the ink won’t set correctly.
• A bit of cardboard covered with a garbage bag.
• An iron.
Safety first: You’ll undoubtedly want to do that undertaking in a nicely-ventilated area (like in front of an open window or outside). The fumes from each the rubbing alcohol & markers can get actually t shirt shop gulf freeway strong and irritating over a time frame. Additionally, don’t use the iron by your self if you don’t know what you’re doing.

All right, let’s get started!

First, slide the plastic-coated piece of cardboard inside your T-shirt (or whatever you’re dyeing), between the entrance and again layers;; this can assist keep the colours from bleeding via.

Now you can go to city utilizing your Sharpies to attract completely different patterns—stripes, circles, whatever you need. I find that flowery shapes and starbursts (as proven above) make really nice tie-dye-esque designs.

You can too attempt utilizing extra-traditional tie dyeing methods: Folding sections of your T-shirt accordion style, then use rubber bands (or bobby pins in case you don’t have any bands handy) to safe the pleats in place. You don’t need to get it perfect—just fold it any approach that you would be able to.

Scribble excessive of the pleats with your Sharpie.

Use a medication dropper to position a few drops of rubbing alcohol in the middle of every design. This will make the ink spread and create the tie-dye effect. The more alcohol you employ, the extra the colors will spread.

Sit again for a bit it and see which approach your design decides to run!

Let your T-shirt dry overnight in a properly-ventilated space or hold it outside to dry. Do not put it in the dryer! Rubbing alcohol and dryers don’t combine. At finest, you’ll leave a everlasting stain on the inside of the dryer, but at worst you’ll set it on hearth. Make sure you take the bands/clips off of the T-shirt when it’s nonetheless semi-damp, simply so it’ll all dry evenly.

As soon as your shirt has fully dried (severely, it can’t be even a smidgen damp at this point!) press the entire thing with a hot iron to set the colours. After which you can wash and dry it as usual, although I’d suggest placing it in the wash by itself so you don’t by chance dye the rest of your clothes too!

Now you’ve obtained your self a fun, summery tie-dyed T-shirt that value next to nothing to make! Go out and exhibit your work.

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